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to people doing these things. >> if you have a hit or miss send it to us. follow us on twitter at jer@fnc. see you right here next week. fox news watch. >> any jack as can kick down a barn. but it takes a goodman or woman to build one. >> defending obama care. hammer republicans for their efforts to defund a law they see as flawed. are the media telling you all you need to know? bush 43 under goes a successful heart procedure to help keep him healthy and active. but some in the media question the effort. why? >> egypt erupts in chaos. military cracking down on backers of the previous government. is the situation there too complex for the u.s. media?
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>> i'm really sorry that it got blown up. >> oprah tries to back pedal on her charge of racism against a handbag sales woman wishing it would all go away. is it too late? >> rodeo clown makes news -- how did the media react to this? >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. noah rothman, the american conservative magazine. allen combs and fox news contributor, richard grin he will. i'm john scott. fox news watch is on right now. the american people really don't know what this law is all about. i've tried to figure it out. you've tried to figure it out. you work on this every day. it's clear the president, too. what do they do?
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they change the law on the run which is utterly unconstitutional. >> radio host and lawyer mark levine talking with neil cavuto earlier this week about the complexities and confusion of obama care. he makes the point, jim, that obama care is a mess. are the media picking up on that? >> yeah. i mean it seems like the implementation of a catastrophe that reminds me of the care act in 1988 and repealed in 1989. fortunately, unlike president bush 41, president obama has the media on his side. that clip from chris cuomo was a pretty indicative thing. paul bremer, at news busters documented a lot more of this. he's got a bodyguard around him. >> allen? >> i've got four months of stuff built up. been on the show for a while. been following obama care which obama does care. finally the white house doesn't brace what was a derogatory term. they show where it's a success,
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it's a failure. the mainstream media, conservatives isn't doing its job is not true. the whole thing about when it will be implemented. so the fact is that it's not been ignored and if you read enough media outlets, you'll see what's going on. >> judy, there are a lot of reports that the costs are going to be much higher than the president promised and the media generally seemed to ignore that. >> i think that's because the president himself said there will be some implementation problems. this is a huge ly ambitious program. if implemented well, it will do a lot to increase the health, improve the health of americans. the problem? it's all in the 'em pliemttatio. as rich lowrey said, who are you going to believe, the president's numbers or your lying insurance company? >> or your right wingo owe. >> nothing like the president to begin with.
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>> nbc and others reported that americans will start losing their doctors. the president promised just the opposite. i mean, shouldn't that be covered? >> it should be. he's made a variety of plans. there are some supporters of the law, including the new republic's jonathan cowan, saying there won't be an increase in premiums. he says of course there is going to be an increase in premiums. that's a good thing. be honest about st. t. >> 53% of re-ducks, maryland reduction. those states implemented exchanges. >> indiana. >> but most of the -- >> participate on obama care. costing their citizens more money. >> it's republicans fault. >> yeah. that's what's happening. red states not implementing the exchanges are having higher premiums. that's a fact. >> rick, the president delayed another element of obama care this week. the out of pocket expense. you know, there was going to be
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a cap instituted on it. the president said we'll hold off on that. did that get the coverage that it should? >> no, it didn't. but i think what we saw this week and rich lowrey, judy is right, did a really good job of pointing this out. we have susan page from usa today and new york magazine's jonathan chase, they're beginning to say, this obama care implementation and the premium, it's a big problem. but they're trying to already blame the republicans for it. i think the republicans should just own it and say, yeah, we killed this big government program and we're proud of it. >> one of the big concerns about obama care is its homogenous or one size fits all type of medicine. proponents dismiss the personalized approach as excessive, expensive and attacks on the system. the "washington post," for example, ran an article recently trying to make the case using former president george w. bush and his recent heart procedure as an example. if mr. bush visited a general
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internist with -- he would not have had cardiac testing. what value does a stress test had for an otherwise healthy 66-year-old? no study showed it improvesout comes. the initial unnecessary streeng tests are usually paid for by medicare, further stressing our health care system. dr. mark siegel took issue with that account in an opinion piece in usa today. he's commending the efforts of the former president's doctors. dr. siegel, a member of our fox news medical aid team and professor of medicine at new york university medical center. you didn't sympathy much of that article, did you? >> physicians should not be speculating wildly about facts they have, let alone media experts. doctors doing that, oncologists saying he should have a
12:37 pm
colonoscopy not a stress test. i got information from the bush camp to counter this. number one, he was having symptoms. one-third of all heart attacks occur in people with atypical symptoms like he was having. someone exercising as vigorously as he was, and he was a former smoker. his diet in the white house wasn't the best. there's a pastry chef there. he really had questions that led to the need for the stress test. they went ahead and did a cat scan showing there was a blockage. john, the kind of blockage he had was life-threatening. and all cardiologists would agree, if they knew the position of where this was, how severe it was, either a stent or surgery was in order for president bush. you know something, you needed to know the facts to know that. >> the doctors who wrote that piece in the "washington post" also claimed that the media coverage of interventions like mr. bush's also leads patients to pressure their own doctors
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for unwarranted and excessive care. do you think it does? >> no, not at all. what it does is the opposite. articles like that in the "washington post" lead us to move away from extremely important tests like stress tests, extremely important interventions like stents, which are not always necessary. dw they may be overdone at times. america needs to know when tests are appropriate, they should be done. we have this technology. i'm concerned that under obama care actually, things like this may not be done often enough. stents should be done when needed. in this case, it was needed. that's the lesson here. if you don't know the facts, don't speculate. >> dr. mark siegel, thank you. good to see you. >> jim, should we expect more media coverage sort of touting the benefits of obama care? >> i think that's a clear case. they're so desperate, this is in the "washington post" editorial piece, so desperate to make obama care work, according to projections, not going to cost a lot of money they're willing to forfeit people's lives on the
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projection. >> what does this have to do with whether obama care works or not, this is the stent operation. forbes magazine asked the same question. next on news watch, are the media failing at covering events in egypt in? clashes in egypt as the military crackdown on opposition adding more chaos in that country. is the situation there too challenging and complex for the u.s. answer is next on news watch. ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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prosperous egypt. that's our interest. but the egyptians are going to have to do the work. >> president obama taking a break from his vacation to comment hon. the chaos in egypt, saying the u.s. is taking heat for the situation there. but he's also taking some heat here at home. the editors at the "washington post" writing that as a result of decision toss support the military takeover, the obama administration is complicit in the new and horrifyingly bloody crackdown launched wednesday by the did he facto regime against tens of thousands of protesters who camped out in two cairo squares. rick, you're accustomed to dealing with complicated stories from your time as a state department spokesman. are the media getting this one right? >> i think it's too complicated for most political reporters. we've seen reporters who are inside egypt, in cairo doing a fantastic job, not all of them
12:44 pm
are accurate. but i think at the end of the day, you really need to be watching the reporters who are inside egypt, not the ones who are reporting from the united states. i don't think that they get it. jacko owe the media critic for the huffington post wrote a story about how the media might be targeted in egypt, which is a ridiculous claim. they're reporting from inside a violent area. watch reporters who are inside egypt for a better handle on the situation. >> if this were president bush, he'd be getting hammered for being detached in the middle of all this chaos, wouldn't he? >> he was actually in 2006 when the israeli lebanese were erupted. they said this was a rumt result of the president's detachment from the peace process. the president is -- obama is taking heat for both the right and the left. they want to us divorce from the situation. he did a workman-like job of outlining the policy, condemn and deploy -- cnn's ashley
12:45 pm
banfield said it was a license to kill, which is a gross exaggeration of what was said. it's indicative of the pressure coming under the president. >> judy, you know as much or more about the situation in egypt as many of us at the table. have the media taken sides? >> i think a lot of them have. a lot have reported around tahrir square. we were toppling a dictator, we were all for it. richard engel who is a superb reporter, all of this footage was about the crackdown, the crackdown on the poor muslim brotherhood. but there were no pictures of the poor muslim brotherhood attacking police, killing 45 of them. attacking 39 churches, burning people -- this is a very ugly civil struggle and the president is right, we have to take some distance. i'm glad he didn't cut off aid to egypt. >> did the media force the
12:46 pm
president's hand in coming out while he's on vacation and making that statement? >> no. i think -- i'm not aware the president has a policy other than air time on this. he's got good news, which is the media support. you want a window into the way the media are operating on his behalf, go back to the reggie love story about the president during the bin laden raid when he said in a speech at ucla that the president playing cards during the bin laden raid back a couple years ago. for his trouble, he was an aide to president obama. he was clobbered by charlie rose, nora o'donnell, that's the -- the media see themselves as protecters of this president in matter what he does. next on news watch, was oprah's claim of racism a convenient theme. >> oprah makes a claim of racism
12:47 pm
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i go into a store, shall remain unnamed, and i say to the woman, excuse me, may i see that bag right above your head? and she says to me, no. one more time i tried, i said, but i really do just want to see that one. and she said, oh, i don't want to hurt your feelings. and i said, okay, thank you so much. you're probably right. i can't afford it. and i walked out of the store. now, why did she do that? >> well, that was last week about the same time oprah equated the trayvon martin shooting to the brutal murder of emma till. she was accusing a high-end
12:51 pm
handbag saleswoman of racism. that same saleswoman and the shop's owner denied it ever happened. this week oprah tried to back away from her claim. >> i think that incident in switzerland was just an incident in switzerland. i'm really sorry it got blown up. i purposely did not mention the name of the store. i'm sorry i said it was switzerland. >> well, she's sorry that it got blown up. what did she think was going to happen, noah? >> yeah, this happens on the heels of her repeatedly calling the verdict of george martin in the trayvon martin murder to emma till. 1998 she was sued by texas cattle ranchers about, you know, saying that madcow was a problem. and she said i believe i'm being muzzled. i come from a people who struggled and achieved and then she moved her show to amarillo,
12:52 pm
texas, for a month to promote this. same thing in 2005 she was ejected from her fed quotes to the "new york daily news" that if this was celine dion, it was a precedent here. >> it's a convenient time. she's a great entertainer and show person. and you've got to love "time" magazine which picked up the bag and ran with it. they went to switzerland and talked about how racist switzerland was. they pointed out 50 asylum seekers were not being permitted to use the pool or sports facilities. they also pointed out that the handbag was made of crocodile and that a group called four paws was protesting oprah winfrey's even looking at it. >> rick, the media just kind of took her story and ran with it. and it took days before anybody heard from the shop owner or the salesperson. >> yeah, they just ran with it. we should say separately though,
12:53 pm
john, that the movie "the butler," opens this weekend, which is about racism. and oprah was a victim of racism. so if you think that somehow these two are not related, you don't understand that oprah is the queen of p.r. and the queen of media. these two are totally related. she did a fabulous job with it. and i salute oprah for promoting "the butler," which opens this weekend. >> isn't lee daniels the butler? i'm going to change alan combs show -- yeah, how about the fact that i don't know who to believe, oprah or the saleslady, but rush limbaugh saying maybe it's because she's fat. maybe that's why -- i mean, come on. how about that? maybe denying that racism would ever exist, how dare they? >> well, sometimes she's skinny. just depends on the diet. next, on news watch, did the media overreact to a rodeo clown's skit? [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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u.s. presidents have always been the targets of mockery and spoof, whether it's from late night comedians or editorial cartoons like this one from a.f. bronco. all our elected officials are fair game for comedic commentary, even rodeo clowns sometimes get into the act. >> president obama. >> hey, i know i'm a clown. he just run around acting like one doesn't know he is one. you ready? obama, they're coming for you. >> i'm ready. >> this bull's going to get you,
12:58 pm
obama. he's going to get you. >> that's the scene from the rodeo at the missouri state fair last weekend. an unnamed clown wearing an obama mask and the voice of tuffy gesling, another rodeo clown banned from performing again at the fair because of the outrage over the spectacle. the missouri chapter of the naacp reacted with this. the activities at the missouri state fair targeting and inciting violence against our president are serious and warrant a full review by both the secret service and the justice department. this has gotten an awful lot of attention, noah, even maybe more than the egyptian situation on the front page of friday's "the washington post." what do you think of that? >> yeah, the rush to denounce has been incredible. faster than the next guy. but this just in, we have the official clown reaction. judy quest, the board member of the president of clowns of america and a contributor to clown journals, a real clown wouldn't mock obama.
12:59 pm
>> jim. >> i grew up in college towns in the '60s and '70s and there was not a single anti-vietnam nixon protest that didn't have somebody wearing a nixon mask. if somebody had busted the person, the aclu would have been all over it. strangely enough the aclu hasn't been heard from in this case. >> shouldn't the immediate da -- >> the guy saying, come on, let's see charge the obama clown and crowd applauding and that does not bling in a rodeo, totally inappropriate. >> go ahead, rick. >> alan, have you ever seen the mask of george bush? >> so the argument is the other side does it too. >> oh, come on. liberals need to understand humor in america. >> wasn't humor. it was an attack. to teach children, that's how you deal -- >> let me finish. i heard you. i heard you. let me finish. the simple fact is is that this week the freakout from the left to be totally intolerant of humor is ridiculous.
1:00 pm
why don't you turn on jon stewart one night during the bush presidency and then come back and talk to me about obama. >> sensitivity training for all clowns. that's a wrap on "news watch." judy, jim, noah, alan and rick, thank you. hello everyone. i'm greg jarrett, thanks for being with us and welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers. we have breaking reports on incidents involving dozens of muslim brotherhood supporters dying in police custody. >> and firefighters pouring into central idaho right now to battle a wildfire threatening thousands of homes near a luxury ski resort. a live report on that growing inferno. >> and a stunning new development on the death of

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